shorty got flavor like a peach lifesaver (hatboxmoon) wrote in angry_bunnies,
shorty got flavor like a peach lifesaver

hey, y'all, it'ssonya, the girl everyone loves to hate. thx for letting me invade your bitchfest.

re: mmg in march, it totally has to happen. and i can probably swing it pretty easily as long as i have enough advance notice for $$$ and work reasons (need to hook my clients up with another worker whilst i will be away.) what's the word?

*****i have a strict policy not to leave the state of minnesota which i seldom break, but you are so beautiful to me andtricky sometimes accuses me of spendng too much time online co-ordinating with my "imaginary friends"...i need to prove to him that you exsist so he won't think his mom is such a loser. aight.
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